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Reggio Calabria

A place of nymphs and sea monsters, of fairies and heroes; a land of spells and witchcrafts, extolled by D’Annunzio, celebrated by the English travellers of the XIX century: Reggio Calabria feeds its magic, hanging between fable and reality… Projected towards a mediterranean future, it still preserves all the reassuring lukewarmness of the provincial small town and the attractive charm of the tourist place. Landscapes, vegetation, colours, the zagara and bergamot smell: the Mediterranean being of Reggio Calabria shows with a surprising variety of suggestions. Panorama sullo Stretto The promenade is its perfect synthesis: an apotheosis of palms, ficus, very rare tropical and exotic species, a few metres away from the shore: one of the most delightful scene of the world. Among nature, culture and tradition, amusement and curiosity, a journey for the discovering of the Fata Morgana city. Reggio Calabria is a city of art and science, jealous of the inheritance of its glorious past but outstretched towards a future of development and progress.The National Archaeological Museum preserves magnificent and ancient memories of the prehistoric, greek and roman eras, and the vigorous Riace warriors seem to defend such a great richness; the artistic symbol-place is the Municipal Theatre Francesco Cilea, which today is living again its ancient splendour. Panorama notturno The “Mediterranean University” and the University for Foreigners, the Academia of Belle Arti, the Conservatorio represent the “knowledge engines” in a reality which boasts one of the highest school degrees in Italy. Reggio Calabria is a reality in a full cultural ferment: from cinema to literature, from social sector to sport, clubs and associations multiply, young people share ideas about very different themes.