Pentidattilo Pentidattilo


Along the Ionian highway, leaving the city, you start to see the Ionian Sea, the Mediterranean vegetation and the monument that marks the 38th parallel of the earth, uniting Reggio in San Francisco, Athens, Smyrna, Seoul and Cordova. Return of Arms, formerly known as "Leucopetra", there is a promontory with breathtaking views of the same name which stands the lighthouse. This chapter marks the exit from the Messina Strait. Continuing to get into town from which Anna continues, rising for a few km, at a time of Pentadattilo. The arrival to the country is very beautiful and the view does not leave indifferent the visitors. After a short but sloping ascent to reach the entrance of the ancient castle of the Alberti, the scene of the tragic events of the Easter Vigil of 1686 where, due to the Marquise Antoinette, is taking a historic massacre. Continuing through the ruins of old houses you reach the Church of St. Peter and Paul, in 1564 and a statue of the tomb of the Marquis Alberti. Beside the church stands the bell tower, still in good condition. The walk to the village and witness of the slow but inexorable depopulation is also seeking recovery under way for several years, thanks to the efforts of the European Community which has funded projects in this regard.