Gambarie Gambarie


Just a few km from the city one arrives in true mountainous region of Aspromonte, with valleys and woods from which you can often see the sea and Sicily. Gambarie offers rich and pleasant walks and stops, shops of local products and souvenirs. The road is very scenic and very soon you reach more than a thousand meters of altitude and enter the National Park of Aspromonte. From the main square of Gambarie you can begin a walk path on a path that leads to the Rumia Pond, trout-rich and the famous Cippo Garibaldi, historic place where Giuseppe Garibaldi was wounded in the leg during the liberation of Italy together with his "Mille". The dense forest of pine, fir and oak trees is also a small shrine with photos and relics of the heroic enterprise of Garibaldi. You can go up the chairlift to reach the summit of Mount Scirocco, mt.1.660, where you can admire a breathtaking view that on clear days extends from Etna to the Aeolian Islands.